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10:45am – 12noon

2/F Phase 2, Maximall,
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Rev. Stera Chan
Pastor Lawrence Choy
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English Ministry

To light up our lives with God's love
and live out the practice of
'It is more blessed to give than to receive'


English Worship Service

Onsite Service & Live Broadcast​

Onsite Service & Live Broadcast​
Senior Pastor: Rev. Arnold Chow
Pastors: Rev. Stera Chan, Lawrence Choy

Entering Registration Arrangements & Coronavirus Prevention Measures (Jun 1, 2022)

About using LeaveHomeSafe for registration, saving your vaccine pass to the LHS App, guidelines for onsite meetings in NPAC, etc 

When extreme weather warnings are in effect, the English worship service will be conducted online. Click below for details.

Download our Sunday Service bulletin for weekly service program, family news, pastor's sharing, and prayer items.
Including Gatekeepers for youth, Peacemakers for uni students and above, Tentmakers for young adults, Couple Fellowship and Women's Fellowship. If you are interested in joining us, send us an email.
Offerings can be collected through different ways, please click below for detail.

Streamline to Deepen

Streamline to Deepen By Rev Wayne Cheung Jun 26, 2022 In 2020 when Senior Pastor Rev. Arnold Chow set down the new Five-Year Plan for the NPAC family, one of the key objectives was “To streamline and regroup in order to

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From Deviation to Lostness

From Deviation to Lostness By Rev. Arnold Chow Jun 19, 2022 Samson is the most famous Nazirite in the Bible. Judges 13 recounts how Samson’s parents encountered and experienced God and bore this child. Yet, they harbored some of the

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Anybody Willing to be a Nazirite Today?

Anybody Willing to be a Nazirite Today? By Rev. Gordon Siu Jun 12, 2022 In Numbers 6 in the Old Testament, God told Moses specifically that if anybody wants to be a Nazirite, he is required to observe three restrictions:

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The Spirit’s Mighty Power Can Break Barriers

The Spirit’s Mighty Power Can Break Barriers By Rev Kenneth Chong Jun 5, 2022 The descent of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost in Acts saw the Spirit working wonders for the first time among large numbers of believers. God’s ministry

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Experiencing Spiritual Renewal; Living Out Our Calling—Towards a Missional Church and Missional Lives

We are committed to be
worshipping community,
growing community,
serving community,
loving community, and
missionary community.

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