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Sermon Theme (Jan-Mar)
Call You Out of Darkness into Wonderful Light – Selected Readings from Exodus

Sun Oct 08 Typhoon News: Sunday School, English Worship Service, and Children’s Program will be held in the church this morning as usual. However, as it is announced that Typhoon Signal No 8 will be hoisted in the afternoon, all the church activities in the afternoon will be canceled.

English Worship Service
Onsite Service & Live Broadcast
10:45am – 12pm

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Live broadcast starts streaming 5 mins before the service
Recording available until Tuesday

Senior Pastor
Rev. Arnold Chow

Rev. Stera Chan
Lawrence Choy

Prayer Meeting: 8:30am
Sunday School Classes: 9:15am
Children’s Program: During worship service

Fellowships: Including Gatekeepers for youth, Peacemakers for uni students and above, Tentmakers for young adults, Couple Fellowship and Women’s Fellowship. More about our fellowships.
Youth Ministry:
Men’s Group:
 Every 3rd Sat of e
ach month. Here for details or sign up.

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Monthly Bible Verse – April
Hebrews 4:14

Therefore, since we have a great high priest who has ascended into heaven, Jesus the Son of God, let us hold firmly to the faith we profess.

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If it is still T8 or above or a black rainstorm signal is hoisted at 8:45am Sunday monring, there will be no onsite English worship service (and Children’s Program). We will pre-record the week’s worship service, and the recording will be available online by that Sunday morning. If you can, though we are at different places, let’s worship together with the recording at 10:45am our usual time.

Click here for more info about the arrangement of Sunday School and Worship Service.

Unmasking, Eating & Drinking, Prevention Measures for Church Meetings and Classes (Mar 1, 2023)

When extreme weather warnings are in effect, the English worship service will be conducted online. Click below for details.

You and your friends are invited to explore life’s questions while enjoying light refreshments.


Have you ever experienced a deep desire to connect with someone greater than yourself? This longing is an invitation to God. But how can one approach the Creator of the universe? How can we be certain that our prayers are heard?

We are very small, and our knowledge is limited, but our Creator desires for you to enjoy a close relationship with Him. We invite you to let us know how we can pray for you. Together we can learn more about Jesus, walk togather in your journey of faith.


人確實十分渺小,我們所知的亦非常有限,但是你的造物主卻希望你與祂享受親密的關係,讓衪帶領你的一生。 我們邀請你讓我們知道你的需要,並為你祈禱。更希望將來能與你同行,讓你了解更多有關耶穌和祂的福音。

Pastor’s Sharing


Eastertide By Rev. Philip Chow Apr 21, 2024        In the liturgical calendar, the 40th day from Easter Sunday is the Ascension Day.  It is followed by Pentecost 10 days later (which falls on May 19 this year). This 50-day

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No Other Way

No Other Way By Rev. Arnold Chow Apr 7, 2024        “By faith, he left Er; because of faith, he sacrificed his beloved son…” You may be familiar with this Chinese worship song (“Because of Faith”), the lyrics of which

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Youth Ministry

Worship, Fellowship, Sunday School

EM’s Fellowships

Gatekeepers, Peacemakers, Tentmakers, Women's Fellowship, Couples Fellowship

Retreat Corner

Retreat Corner is a place for fellowships or groups to come close to God through meditation and prayer.

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