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About Us


Overall theme for

A decade of NPAC worshipers


Discern & Proclaim God’s Grace. Pass on Legacy & Spread the Aroma

English worship service started as a youth worship service in Oct 2000 (Gatekeepers, our youth fellowship started in 1995). Though it was a youth service, there were also young adults and parents attending the service, and we became a multi-generational worship service in Oct 2004.

By the grace of God, we have grown into a congregation with different members of different life stages. From youth to university students, from young adults to more mature in age members. Apart from fellowship groups, we also have Sunday School classes for adults, children and youth.

In NPAC, we dedicate to the Church of God, build family relationships that please Him, evangelize the nations and at home, and together be the Lord’s disciples. By the grace of God, NPAC are all committed to being a worshipping community, a growing community, a serving community, a loving community, and a missionary community.

We are committed to being a worshipping community, a growing community, a serving community, a loving community, and a missionary community.

The Spiritaul Legacy of NPAC

Throughout the years, God has used various pastors, believers, messages and visions amidst good or bad situations to encourage the NPAC family to pursue specially treasured Biblical values and virtues, which have become our “spiritual legacies” from one generation to another. We dare not boast of these, nor take them as an excuse for stubbornness. We only believe that these legacies are “treasures” given to NPAC by God as inheritance from Him. Though we may be reminiscent of these past beautiful testimonies, let us encourage each other: “Do not miss the grace and blessings we have received from Him; instead, strive for deeper spiritual growth, looking to Him to receive even more grace and blessings”… Read more

Pastor’s Sharing

Every week, pastors of NPAC will share with the NPAC family about their experience of God, spiritual insight and illumination of the word and the Holy Spirit. These are the treasures that God gives to NPAC in experiencing His works and His faithfulness. The pastor’s sharing keeps on updating each week, and it is also included in our weekly service bulletin. We pray that you will not only learn much about us, but also the precious works and merciful love of God upon NPAC family.

Into the Last Days We Walk by Faith

Into the Last Days We Walk by Faith By Rev. Samuel Tam June 9, 2024        Mere mention of wars and natural disasters would make us feel insecure and helpless. Wars are waged in different regions in recent years and

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Unswerving Faith in Suffering!

Unswerving Faith in Suffering! By Rev. Gordon Siu June 2, 2024 Is suffering the only way by which we can become a channel of grace for others? Do material wealth, good health and plain sailing make a God-pleasing life? There

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Blessed Are Those Who Repudiate Victimhood!

Blessed Are Those Who Repudiate Victimhood! By Rev. Lawrence Chan May 26, 2024        I was studying 1 Peter 3:1-12 recently with a couples fellowship when a discussion on victim mentality sparked. What 1 Peter impresses people most is its

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A Fountain of Living Water

A Fountain of Living Water By Rev. Arnold Chow May 19, 2024        A relative of mine lives in a two-story house overseas. He has a lawn in the front yard and a swimming pool in the back yard. It

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North Point
Alliance Church

English Ministry

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