North Point 
Alliance Church 
English Ministry

Rev. Stera Chan
Pastor Lawrence Choy
+852 2807 5200

2/F Phase 2, Maximall
233 Electric Road
North Point, Hong Kong

Good Friday Service

Image Credit: Angus Dei, C. 1635-1640, by Francisco de Zurbarán

From trial to crucifixion, Jesus showed a love and righteousness unmatched in human history. Ponder upon the purity, the sheer goodness, and unwavering love He embodied—a standard of perfection that calls out to every heart. This isn’t a tale of ancient virtue; it’s the cornerstone of our existence, shaping our lives and our eternal destiny.

How does His faultless sacrifice influence us today? How does it bridge the gap between our decay and God’s holiness? Come, ponder the profound impact of His unblemished love on our lives and the world. 

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Easter Sunday Service

Image Credit: neom @unsplash

In times when it seems like everything must come to an end and the thought of life’s finality overshadows our daily existence, Paul affirms to us that Christ’s resurrection is not just a pivotal event but the very foundation of our faith, witnessed by many. It’s not a myth, but a testimony of eyewitnesses that dispels our fears and offers us a fresh start. With Christ’s resurrection, we are called away from the end and towards a new beginning.

You are invited to the transformative power of God and step into a future with Christ. He has risen, and you too are called to rise. Let’s celebrate the victory over death and the promise of eternal life, starting from this moment.

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Bible Discussions for Everyone

Image Credit: anton darius @unsplash

Life can be complex and challenging, leaving us with unanswered questions. If you’re unsure about what’s next, join us on a journey of exploration. Join us as we explore profound questions about life and seek answers revealed in the Bible. Whether you’re new to faith or familiar with church life, our interactive sessions welcome you on this journey of discovery.

You don’t have to commit anything. You can freely express your doubts and ask tough questions. You and your friends are invited to explore life’s questions while enjoying light refreshments.

Every Fri Apr 26 – May 17
NPAC Education Centre

If you want to invite others to join this discussion group, feel free to download the PDF and share it with them.

What is the gospel? Why do I need it? How can I have an eternal relationship with God? You may find why the gospel is everything you ever need.

How can we pray for you? Our Creator desires a close relationship with us. Let us know how we can pray for you.