North Point 
Alliance Church 
English Ministry

Rev. Stera Chan
Pastor Lawrence Choy
+852 2807 5200

2/F Phase 2, Maximall
233 Electric Road
North Point, Hong Kong

“We proclaim to you what we have seen and heard, so that you also may have fellowship with us. And our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ.”


Every Friday

Gatekeeprs has the longest history in NPAC English Ministry (started before 2000). Many current adults from EM were growing up in Gatekeepers. In Gatekeepers, we learn from the Bible and build our relationship with Jesus. Through topical prayers, topicals studies, social gathering, we are dedicated to build up a strong bonding and Christ-like character among the youth.

Every year, we will have Youth Camp. These are the fun time as well as the precious moment of building up lifelong fellowship in truth. To learn more about our Youth Ministry, please visit here:


Every Friday

Peacemakers are cheerful and full of energy. Brothers and sisters are diligent in learning the Bible as well as practicing the truth in real life. Other than regular Bible studies, Peacemakers also have dynamic program ideas such as hiking, kayaking, evangelistic outreach, etc. Peacemakers always spend time hangout with one another for mutual edification.


2nd & 4th Saturday


Tentmakers’ meetings are held once every two weeks. But our fellowship goes beyond regular meetings. A group composed of different working adults and young families, sharing faith, joy, struggles, and challenges in life. Tentmakers are currently studying the Book of Joshua to learn to live by faith in our time. Other than Bible Study, there are topical studies and social gatherings such as board games, outings, etc. The most precious moments of Tentmakers are the time when we are listening and giving timely encouragement for each other.


2nd & 4th Sunday

Sisters from different backgrounds and with life experiences are gathering around to learn, pray and walk together. They have different activities such as prayer walks, outings, and book studies. This fellowship is a precious gift from God, who draws them all together for strong support and growth in faith!

Other than regular meeting, Women’s Fellowship will have joint adult fellowship with Couples Fellowship every 2nd Sunday afternoon. There will be different social gatherings and other topical discussions to build up one another.


2nd & 4th Sunday


Brothers and sisters in Couples Fellowship has experienced different seasons in life. God is teaching us through parenting, serving one another, and even many ups and downs in life. Currently, the fellowship is studying the book “Growing Old Gracefully–Following Jesus to the End”. We are learning to live out our faith in Jesus through reflections of experience, nurturing spiritual habits, making disciples, and coping with the physical, mental and emotional challenges of aging. It will definitely be a fruitful journey, especially we have each other to walk together.

Couple’s Fellowship will have joint adult fellowship with Women’s Fellowship every 2nd Sunday afternoon. There will be different social gatherings and other topical discussions to build up one another.

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If you are looking for a community of learning and practicing God’s truth, walking in Jesus together, or seeking faith for eternal value, let us know. We are pleased to chat with you and learn more about your spiritual needs. Fill out the form, and we will contact you.