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“If you had to grab a pen now, how would you finish this sentence? “To be a man means…”

Is masculinity toxic or harmful? How is the concept of masculinity perceived in today’s world? And has it been right in the past?

In today’s world, the concept of masculinity can often be misunderstood or distorted. The book “Reclaiming Masculinity” by Matt Fuller provides a refreshing perspective rooted in biblical principles, offering guidance on how men can live out God-given roles with confidence and purpose.

In the upcoming months, EM Men’s Group will use this book for our discussions, going through it chapter by chapter. The author concludes with 7 principles of “To be a Man.” We can utilize this book as a platform to delve deeper into biblical discussions. Additionally, we can share our personal experiences and what we have learned in real life to support and encourage one another.

Book link attached. Print/digital copies are available for you to order.

3rd Sat (Mar-Oct 2024) 2:45-4:45pm
Education Centre Room 214-5
Enquiries: Pastor Lawrence

**Remark: If you would like us to order the printed book, please sign up by Sunday, February 18th. The shipping cost will depend on the number of orders received. Alternatively, you can directly order the digital copy from the link provided on the left.