Useful info for onsite meetings

Useful information
for onsite church meetings

About Church Meeting Arrangement:
  1. Entry procedures of different age groups, click here.
  2. About using the Vaccine Pass to enter the venueclick here for the government’s video.
  3. NPAC’s (Worship Service, Fellowship/Small Group Meetings, and Sunday School Classes) general resumption, entering registration arrangements, guideline and Coronavirus prevention measuresclick here.
  4. In case, you have any questions, feel free to contact us at
About Vaccination and LeaveHomeSafe:
  1. For information on “Dosage Schedule for Vaccine Pass”, click here. (including dosage requirements for general public and recovered patients)
  2. For “Vaccination Medical Exemption Certificate”, click here.
  3. For learning how to save your Vaccine Pass to the “LeaveHomeSafe” app, click here.
  4. “Declaration/information Collection Form” (instead of using Vaccine Pass) is applicable to specific groups only. Click here for detail.
  5. Inquiry: Centre for Health Protection (CHP) hotline: 2125-1111 or 2125-1122 (9am to 8pm).
About Close Contact and Infected Case :
  1. If you have close contact with a positive case, then need to stay for home quarantine, click here for information.
  2. For detail on the criteria for discharge from isolation and home quarantine, click here.
  3. What to do when you are tested positive? Click here for information.