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Rev. Stera Chan
Pastor Lawrence Choy
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2/F Phase 2, Maximall
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North Point, Hong Kong

Why Prayer Groups?

To earnestly and persistently pray for our unbelieving friends and families.

  • Suggested to form Prayer Groups consisting of 2-3 members.
  • The members of the Prayer Group support each other by praying for one another’s unbelieving families and friends.
  • The fellowship committee can make their decision based on their understanding of the fellowship’s situation to encourage and form prayer groups. Alternatively, they can add this evangelism element to existing groups in the fellowship.
  • Suggested the Prayer Groups to last until the end of 2024.
  • Nothing is mandatory.
  • Members in each Prayer Group are encouraged to dedicate a certain time regularly (daily or weekly, or other) to pray for unbelieving friends and families.
  • Share the names of the unbelieving friends and family members they want to pray for.
  • All of the sharings within each Prayer Group are kept in the group only.
  • The groups are encouraged to meet in person or online regularly to share updates and pray together.


Be persistent but flexible
  • The fellowship committee can decide on the best way to do this.
  • This guideline is flexible, and each fellowship is free to find their own way to encourage praying for and reaching out to the unbelievers.
  • The goal is to pray and care together for the unbelievers.
  • The Evangelism Team is available to help and support.
If you are not in any fellowship, let us know and we will connect you with others to form a Prayer Group