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Rev. Stera Chan
Pastor Lawrence Choy
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By Rev James Hon May 1, 2022

Our NPAC Story: I came to NPAC 38 years ago. Since then, everything from my seeking the truth, coming to Christ, being baptized, getting married, studying theology, serving in full-time ministry to becoming ordained took place here. Have I ever thought of leaving during these 38 years? Of course I did. Why? Having been here for too long, I thought I had better explore outside. This church is too big, and at times interpersonal relationships get tricky. Somehow I think other churches might be better…. At the end of the day, why haven’t I left? It is because I do not want to give up the many precious relationships. My responsibilities have not been fulfilled. I have also received too much grace here. I started to realize there is no perfect church on earth…. Now, what is your NPAC story?

NPAC is 70: NPAC turns 70 this year. This church has witnessed major social events such as the post-war refugee influx, the 1967 riots, the economic boom, the first exodus of migrants sparked off by the 1997 issue, the handover of sovereignty in 1997, two financial tsunamis, two social movements, the COVID pandemic, and the second exodus. Every time, the church learns how to cope and how to respond to the social environment with the gospel. Look at the complexity of each incident and we will know it is not easy at all. But the church has always stood firm on the truth with no compromise or backing down. If not for the grace of God, how could the church have come through by limited human wisdom and ability?

70th Anniversary: In this special year, surely we should respond to God’s amazing grace with gratitude. But with the community still deep in trouble, it would be out of tune with our society if we have feasts and grand celebrations. Rather, let us all do one “extra” thing for God this year as an offering of thanksgiving. You can choose to share the gospel with someone, care for, help or serve someone in need. Or you can use your gift to do some creative work to share with others and glorify God. You can do it by yourself, or you can do it together with brothers and sisters…  (After your offering, you are encouraged to write down your experience, feelings and what you have learnt and email it to

Also, we hope to have a photo exhibition. Please furnish some valuable images of NPAC life. Hard copies or digital photos will both work. We will let brothers and sisters savor again the grace and love at NPAC through these photos.

Of course, we will also have our 70th anniversary joint worship service, thanksgiving and revival meetings.

We have already created a theme song “70+” for the anniversary. Many coworkers are moved after listening to it. Preparations for production are underway and it is hoped that we can share “70+” with you in mid-June. Besides, a logo for the 70th anniversary has already been designed and will be available soon. The pandemic has taken its toll on celebration work but God has summoned a group of brothers and sisters who serve quietly. Progress of the work has been made and we are very grateful for their hard work. The pandemic has made us treasure all the more every episode we live at the NPAC family. We very much look forward to offering heartfelt thanks for God’s grace over the past 70 years with all of you.