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Pastor Lawrence Choy
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North Point, Hong Kong

Steadfast in Mission, Live Out Love

By Rev Sally Yung

August 14, 2022

God builds the NPAC family: Thank God for using a few brothers and sisters to create and produce a theme song for NPAC’s 70th anniversary. A great melody, and very captivating, the song is well-liked by many brothers and sisters. The song counts God’s abundant blessings for the NPAC family: In the summer of 1952, Rev Patterson of the Christian and Missionary Alliance Church led an outreach team from the C&MA Bible Seminary to spread the gospel at the North Point waterfront. More than 10 people gave their lives to Christ, leading to the opening of North Point Alliance Church on Oct 12 in the same year. Among the converted who stayed on and grew up in the church was Rev Chin Wu (胡欽牧師) who pastored in NPAC and was later ordained!

God keeps the NPAC family: Looking back on the past 70 years, we thank God for keeping the NPAC family. He has moved us to preach the gospel together, added to our number, expanded our premises, and enhanced the quality of the spiritual lives of brothers and sisters so that the love of God and man is manifest in our testimony. May brothers and sisters of NPAC carry on with the evangelistic mission and preach the word of God near and far, here and beyond Hong Kong. Rev Gordon Siu has said, “Never forget: Without mission, NPAC would not have come into being. Now that we have NPAC, we should also embrace mission.” We trust unswervingly that God will continue to guide us forward with His bountiful grace so that we may be children of God without fault in a warped and crooked generation. God will also make us shine among them like stars in the sky as we hold firmly to the word of life (Philippians 2:15-16). We firmly believe that we do not need to fear when the Lord walks with us. Let us live a life loving the Lord and man that glorifies God and benefits people, always seeking to please Him!

Live for the Risen Lord: Thank God that we have a Cancer Care Ministry in the NPAC family over the past 20 years, with brothers and sisters living out love, sharing the gospel and leading many cancer patients, family and friends to Christ. Moreover, many believing cancer patients are good witnesses and have led others to the Lord. Some brothers and sisters who have cancer have expressed that if it was not God who moved them to share the gospel with family and friends, they would certainly have given up all kinds of painful treatments and let their lives end earlier following their own will. It is because life on earth is short but what lies beyond resurrection is beautiful and eternal! That they receive treatments is therefore not really for themselves to live longer but to have more time to share the gospel with their loved ones. The Lord Jesus “died for all, that those who live should no longer live for themselves but for him who died for them and was raised again… All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ and gave us the ministry of reconciliation” (2 Corinthians 5:15, 18). These brothers and sisters with cancer have indeed been steadfast in their mission until they depart. They have lived out love. Their life testimonies encourage us to cherish our limited days on earth and spread God’s precious saving grace whenever and wherever we can.