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Troubled Generation Needs God’s Love

By Rev Kenneth Chong

September 18, 2022

The world is in chaos. Hong Kong is in chaos. Why do we still care about mission?

If you find this generation difficult, non-believers will certainly only find it even more difficult. Look at the situation in the world today: the figures for internationally displaced people and refugees hit new highs; the Russia-Ukraine war and the civil wars in various countries continue; massive strikes are staged among workers in protest against inflation; the COVID pandemic continually threatens the elderly and young children; global warming brings abnormal weather…

In the face of all the troubles in the world, how can one’s heart be calm and relieved? The answer: keep firmly believing in Jesus as Lord in a troubled generation! It is true – the Lord Jesus is in control of everything! That is our conviction as Christians. On the other hand, in the midst of a turbulent generation, non-believers can be easily lost, being unable to find the meaning of life or to find strength to deal with life. As disciples of Jesus, we should care for them and tell them about the Lord Jesus who is trustworthy and powerful.

It has all along been the church’s priority to care for people’s needs and preach the gospel of the Lord! During Mission Month, the church encourages brothers and sisters to respond and participate in ministries in the frontline and back home. At the same time, we encourage everybody to make faith offering pledges to financially support global gospel and caring ministries. The Russia-Ukraine war has displaced countless Ukrainians from home. They are now refugees in many Eastern European countries and have plenty of needs. The offering made by brothers and sisters earlier was used to help build refugee camps to provide shelter and supplies for them. I believe the offering will also encourage the local brothers and sisters to continue to show God’s love with practical actions.

Many problems in the world cannot be solved by man’s reason alone. The end of man is the beginning of God. In times of hardship, it is easier for people to see their own limitations and rely on the loving, true God more readily. May God help Christians to not only see their own needs but also to better understand the hardship facing the unbelieving generation so that they will be more willing to give their lives and resources entrusted to them by the Lord to participate in the Lord Jesus’ ministries of the gospel and care in the world. This will bring love to a troubled generation so those in adversity can receive the ultimate, most precious truth.

This year sees the 70th anniversary of the NPAC family. For 70 years, God’s grace has been with us. Having received His grace, the church needs all the more to share it out. Of course, the church needs careful discernment and do works of the gospel and care that please God through appropriate channels. Ever since inception, the NPAC family has encouraged us to “Light up lives with God’s love and live out ‘It is better to give than to receive’” based on the Lord Jesus’ teaching. And “It is more blessed to give than to receive” (Acts 20:35) is the teaching of the Lord Jesus, which He Himself exemplified. We dare not forget the teaching of the Lord. May God continue to move brothers and sisters of the NPAC family to participate together in the ministries of the Heavenly Kingdom, to bring the truth and love to this land and the world.