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Anniversary: Recount God’s Works, Remember God’s Grace

By Rev Samuel Tam

October 23, 2022

Throughout the anniversary month, we praise God’s Holy Name and give thanks to Him for His gracious guidance with joyful hearts. With the responsive Scripture reading, candle-lighting as well as thanksgiving and grace-seeking prayers of the anniversary worship service, the church has provided brothers and sisters with opportunities to “remember God’s grace, commit and pray.” Meanwhile, in the afternoon of the Anniversary Sunday, a thanksgiving meeting on the theme “A Date with the Family of 70” was held. During the meeting, we could see that God has used a lot of ordinary people who offered themselves according to the grace given by God to build up the NPAC family in different roles. After listening to their testimonies, we are all the more united in offering our thanks to God.

Are we aware that brothers and sisters of different generations of NPAC have all received rich blessings from God? I think it is indeed a very meaningful training of faith for us to count God’s blessings as one corporate body during the anniversary. Not every brother or sister has the habit of recounting the happenings at NPAC, but I really think we should follow the example of ancient Israeli tribes to “set up stones of remembrance.” This lets people know that God has always been helping them. It also lets future generations know the LORD’s might and works so that they might always fear Him (Joshua 4:1-24; 1 Samuel 7:12).

The prophet Isaiah, too, has exhorted us to remember the former things, those of long ago because they are proof that God abides with His people and also their source of motivation to follow Him. It is true that there is no other god on earth who can compare with the God we believe in. Our God has upheld and carried us since our birth and He will not change even to our old age and gray hairs. His purpose for the end will stand and He will do all He pleases (Isaiah 46:3-5, 9-10). Therefore, if we can remember His past and present blessings for the NPAC family, we will believe unswervingly that He is the source of grace, the One who blesses. And as long as we do not claim merit for ourselves or be arrogant, we will definitely see His hand of grace in our church life.

The traces of God’s works of grace in the past 70 years are everywhere. This Sunday afternoon, we will have a rare opportunity to learn about NPAC’s spiritual legacy through photos and videos. I believe you have often heard sayings like “Only the meek will receive grace”, “In harmony and unity respect one another”, “It is more blessed to give than to receive”, “Be God-centered in all that we do”, “Be established in the truth”, “Faith offering pledge” and “Love our church.” They are all actions to be put into practice based on the teachings in the Bible, which have now become the “faith values, blueprint for growth, and ministry direction” of NPAC to which we attach much importance. It is also the reason why we continue to be blessed by God’s grace. May we all try to “listen and carefully observe” why and how this spiritual legacy came about. May we discover the precious meaning in there so we can be ones who would remember God’s grace, testify His grace before others and give God glory.