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Moving to the New House as a Family

By Rev Arnold Chow 

March 5, 2023

    The restructuring of the NPAC family will enter a new phase in the second quarter of 2023.

    The church has been working on extensive transitional arrangements after obtaining the company registration and charitable organization status at the end of last year. It is just like a family moving out of a Sanheyuan or three-section compound, where they used to live with their extended family, into a new house of their own. The house is newly renovated but still, family members have a lot to pack up and move in together. The NPAC family is not small. The household items that need to be transferred are numerous. Transition work over the past six months is no simple task.

    Thanks be to the LORD, the bulk of the transition work has gradually been done. Our status as a member church under the registered company of the C&MA Church Union Hong Kong will expire after Mar 31. From Apr 1 this year, the NPAC family will continue to operate as “C&MA North Point Alliance Church Limited.” All members of NPAC (whether baptized at our church or have had their membership transferred from other churches) please fill in the “Membership Application Form” to transfer your membership to the new members register of the church company.

    The NPAC family greatly treasures our overseas members. You are a part of the family. Overseas members please download the application form, sign it and email it back to us. We will continue with the rules and regulations by which overseas members are allowed double membership (i.e., joining overseas churches as members while retaining NPAC membership). There is no need to leave the membership with the NPAC family.

    You may ask: I am still worshiping at Fortress Hill. We are spiritually the same family in Christ no matter what happens. Why should I handle my membership application due to the restructuring of the church?

    Right. As ever, brothers and sisters who clearly believe in Jesus Christ and are baptized can partake of the Holy Communion, participate in worship services and meetings and learn to serve with us. The NPAC family also welcomes non-believers who are truth seekers to get to know our faith. Having said that, it is also important to change your membership to the church company and maintain an active membership.

    Back to the above simile, although all the household items have been moved to the new house, all family members must move into the new house together before the house removal process can be considered complete. (At this point, may I take the opportunity to call upon those who have been with us for some time to join the NPAC family through baptism or transfer of membership. Now is the time to act.)

   Practically, handling your membership properly is necessary. It is like a housing estate with an access control system and a club house. You must have a resident card in order to go in and out. Similarly, if you become a member of the church company, you will continue to have the right to vote in deacon and other elections. Many ministries and departments of the church specify that some serving roles must be taken on by members only. Timely application for your membership with the church company will make sure that your service for the Lord remains unaffected. Additionally, proper handling of the membership will help the church to support you in regard to marriage, funeral services and other needs.

   How can your name be missing from the new members register? Please fill in the “Membership Application Form” as soon as practicable.


Note: Offering arrangements of the NPAC family will also change accordingly from Apr onwards (i.e., in the new fiscal year). Please refer to the worship bulletin and website in late Mar for details.