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40 Years of Missionary Care

By Rev Kenneth Chong

September 3, 2023

       The leader of a missionary care group received the news from a missionary that his brain surgery was imminent. So, the missionary care group immediately sprang into action to pray for the operation. Thanks be to God who answers prayer, the operation went well. The tumor was removed and the missionary tested normal for eyesight after the surgery. He could continue to drive in the mission field as his transportation.

       During the pandemic, a missionary returned to Hong Kong to take care of some personal business. To prevent the seniors in his home from catching COVID, he first stayed in a hotel for self-quarantine. Members of one missionary care group knew where he was staying and so they brought him various supplies, cooked some dishes and bought his favorite food to show support.

       While missionaries work hard on the frontline, the missionary care groups are the heroes who render support on the home front. The groups pray fervently for the missionaries and the gospel needs in the mission fields, providing essential spiritual support. Their sustained care for missionaries gives them strength. They also care for and attend to the needs of missionaries’ families in Hong Kong on their behalf.

       In fact, some missionary care group members have various difficulties of their own. However, they still insist on praying for the missionaries. In some missionary care groups, a few members have serious illnesses. They are also among those who need care and attention. Nevertheless, their service in the group continues unabated. They also pray for one another, and the whole group prays for the missionaries without ceasing. There are a few others who cannot participate because they have to look after their family members who are seriously ill. Other group members would then pray in supplication for them. They embrace the same mission and so the members also have their fellowship life. They hold gatherings occasionally, bringing and sharing their favorite food with one another.

       Currently, the NPAC family has 16 missionary care groups. Each and every member joins the same mission. Forty years have now passed since the first missionary care group was formed in 1983. All along, the groups have worked hard to care for missionaries. In the third year since the inception of one group, a missionary involved in pioneer church planting in Taipei suburbs received the largest birthday cake he had ever received one day. It came from a missionary care group. The family of the missionary was greatly pleasantly surprised.

       Rev Philip Teng has said mission is the will of God and everybody should participate. If we are not missionaries on the frontline, then we should be mission supporters on the home front and be prayer warriors. Whether on the frontline or on the home front, have you found your serving role in mission?