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The Blessed Are Crowned with God’s Bounty

By Rev. Arnold Chow

February 11, 2024

      This year, I would like to send my greetings for the Year of the Dragon with my Chinese translation of Psalm 65 “The Blessed”:

1       (交詩班長 大衛之詩)

         神居錫安    靜默為頌

2-3    禱告蒙允    向祢還願

         生靈前來    連眾罪戾

         罪軛重壓    祢赦咎責

4       得祢揀選   有福的人

         使之近前    居祢院宇

         我眾滿享    聖殿美福

5       威榮奇蹟    覆示公義

         拯救的神    地極四方

         天涯海角    全信賴祢

6       力定群山    大能蓄勢

7       平復安靖   湧浪澎湃

        驚濤拍岸   眾口喧嚷

8       祢施奇蹟    地極畏敬

         從東到西    萬民歡頌


9       甘霖澤地    處處豐收

         神的河川    水量沛盈

         因祢預備    禾穀齊備

10     細雨鬆土    灌溉犁溝

         平整田壟    得福茁長

11     祢恩如冕   圍繞全年

        祢的軌跡   溢滿豐盈

12     野地草場    同得滿溢

         群山茂盛    樂滿山腰

13     片片草場    群羊為衣

         條條山谷    麥穗為裳

         盡皆高歌    歡呼頌揚

       “The blessed” refers to those chosen by God. Their prayers God answers (vv. 2-3). Among them, the Levitical priests could even live in His courts. Today, all who follow Christ have this identity of priesthood and the full privilege of His holy temple. Isn’t that a reason for us to lift our voices and sing?

       Some of the blessed people praise in silence (v.1). Now silence is also a form of praise. It is like waking up in the early morning of Chinese New Year Day. Though it is quiet, it is not loneliness but tranquility, calmness and warmth, because we know that family and relatives or brothers and sisters will soon turn up to celebrate the new year together. One can praise in silence because God dwells in Zion. Where God’s presence is, there is peace.

       The second part of the psalm refers to the roaring of the seas and the turmoil of the nations. It is a situation with no peace. I recall that when the world returned to normalcy after the pandemic last year, there was no peace either – conflicts and crises were rampant, and the nations were in turmoil. Over the past few months, we also saw ups and downs in the economy and people’s livelihood. I believe our greatest wish at this moment is that the Lord who saves will calm things down.

       The third part of the psalm is my prayer for the NPAC family, our city and our nation. It is that not only will “the blessed” have a vibrant spiritual life and sound livelihood, but that this land will also experience the blessing of the LORD’s bounty and abundance in harvest (vv.9-13). May God’s goodness surround the entire year like a crown of glory on the head (v.11). May His grace extend to all parts of our home country so that even the grasslands of the wilderness overflow (v.12), that everyone will give thanks to the LORD for His bountiful grace. Amen!