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Resource Reduction Becomes Abundance Before God

By Rev. Gordon Siu

March 17, 2024

       I have recently been hearing reports about problems facing Hong Kong churches, which concern me. Due to believers emigrating or leaving the church for other reasons, a number of churches have a drop in worship attendance by 10% to even 80% (the number of worshipers in one church falls from 1,200 to 200). A serious shortage of ministry leaders is also evident. Some churches have to cancel the Children’s Sunday School altogether because of a lack of teachers. A dwindling of offerings has seen some other churches asking pastors to turn part-time to cut costs. Meanwhile, some churches cancel church expansion plans, allocating the funding for operational expenses instead. Mission organizations have also received word that some churches will need to suspend or gradually reduce support for overseas missionaries. Among brothers and sisters, some are burned out at work as many of their colleagues have left or emigrated, leaving them to do all the work.

      Times like these remind me of Gideon in the Book of Judges. Sent by God, Gideon was to attack Midian which for many years had oppressed the Israelites. Gideon summoned 32,000 people to war. But God said, “You have too many men. I cannot deliver Midian into their hands, or Israel would boast against me, ‘My own strength has saved me.’” (Judges 7:2) God then said, “Anyone who trembles with fear” needed not take part in the war. Finally, Gideon was left with 300 men. God knew that Gideon was scared about the Midian army, which was “thick as locusts.” So God used a dream in the Midian camp to give Gideon courage. After that, God also gave Gideon the tactics with which he defeated the 120,000-strong Midian army with 300 men! Exhausted, hungry yet unafraid, the 300 men boldly continued to pursue the remaining 15,000 Midian army.

      The sovereign God sometimes reduces our capacities and resources so that we will no longer rely on ourselves. When we have nothing to boast about, we will more wholeheartedly look unto the Lord. God will work and we will experience the meaning of God’s power made manifest in our weaknesses.

      In the past, Hong Kong churches have enjoyed abundant resources. They have more manpower and funding compared with churches in many other regions. Now Hong Kong churches have fewer resources, but God’s power will not be affected. God may be cutting down on the capabilities of Hong Kong churches so we will more solely rely on His work, and that we will no longer depend on our rich resources in winning our victories!

      We believe God has entrusted churches and numerous people of God here with the mission to testify for Him in this city. God will give sufficient grace so we can testify for Him in these times, for grace always follows entrustment. Still, the crux of the matter is whether the people of God will boldly proceed. God will not use the 30,000 odd who “tremble with fear” (Judges 7:3). But God will use the 300 who are unafraid of their small company, limited talents, weak bodies, and who trust in His power and help in meeting the challenges ahead. God’s name will be glorified by them.