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Partners of the Gospel Proclaiming the Lord’s Love

By Rev. Samuel Tam

Apr 14, 2024

       Over the past few years, it was difficult for the church to visit patients in hospitals and nursing homes to convey the love of Christ and share the gospel due to the risk of COVID infections. Fortunately, we have a long history of collaborating with the chaplains in ministry. In crises and difficult situations, by the great power in Christ and with all wisdom, we have been able to share the love of God with relatives and friends who are sick. Looking back, every ministry experience of ours is valuable and our hearts are filled with joy because we worked closely together.

       Thanks be to God for His guidance, ever since the 50’s of the last century, Hong Kong churches have teamed up with gospel agencies to proclaim and witness for the gospel through practical actions. These agencies are called “para-church organizations” as they work alongside the church. They are also called 「翼鋒教會」in Chinese as they function very much like the wings of the church to fulfill the mission of putting faith into practice. Today, there are more than 1,300 churches in Hong Kong. However, no single church has sufficient gifts, vision for professional operation nor creative strategies to monitor conditions in society on a long-term basis and respond to the needs of various communities. The services of para-church organizations are, on the contrary, many and varied. At present, many hospitals have Christian chaplain ministries and can share the gospel with patients. Meanwhile, many para-church organizations advance the ministries for gospel preparatory work, evangelistic meetings and faith nurturing to meet the varied needs of their target groups, such as grassroot workers, the newly arrived, real estate, finance and accounting professionals, celebrities, members of disciplinary forces, children and youths, students on campus, the homeless and ex-mental patients. There are also para-church organizations that help believers receive evangelism training and learn the skills and strategies for spreading the gospel. They employ audio-visual platforms and print media to broadcast testimonies through personality interviews. This synergy enhances the benefits of the gospel for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.

       Famous American evangelist Rev. Timothy Keller has said, “Not only must an urban church be committed to evangelism; it must be committed to the complexity of urban evangelism” (Center Church: Doing Balanced, Gospel-Centered Ministry in Your City, p.177). The growth direction for the NPAC family this year is “Follow Christ, Be the Light.” It mobilizes brothers and sisters to put the mission into action and encourages fellowships and small groups to adopt and care for para-church organizations supported by NPAC to become their gospel partners and walk with them. Today, NPAC has formulated plans for annual expenditure offerings for local para-church organizations. Brothers and sisters can channel their offerings to the church’s Mission Fund to support the ongoing needs of these organizations through offering fixed amounts on a regular basis. Meanwhile, fellowships and small groups leaders can consider setting a yearly timeframe to read the annual reports and publications of para-church organizations, receive their news and prayer requests and respond to their invitations to serve to support their ministries.

      May God accept our offering and, by His grace, let us become partners of the numerous local para-church organizations and take on the ministry as ministers of Jesus in the priestly service of the gospel of God (Romans 15:15-16), glorifying Christ’s holy name.