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A Fountain of Living Water

By Rev. Arnold Chow

May 19, 2024

       A relative of mine lives in a two-story house overseas. He has a lawn in the front yard and a swimming pool in the back yard. It is a common configuration where he lives. It is also the dream retirement home for many people in Hong Kong.

       It was not until I stayed in his house during my visit that I found pool maintenance no simple task. People often grow trees in their back yards, and with that come falling leaves. And here is the problem: many fallen leaves are blown into the pool. Consequently, my relative becomes a routine “leave collector.” He pours a large bottle of liquid chlorine into the pool every other week. Every quarter, he has to drain the entire pool because the clear water gets dirty after some time. Scrubbing the walls of the empty pool to clean the dirt is another round of backbreaking labor. Now with all the hard labor and meticulous attention, can my relative enjoy a good swim? No, he told me. The biggest problem is his family never swims there. So, I asked gently: “Can you just ignore it?”

       “No!” My relative told me that as long as the house is built with a swimming pool, the land use cannot be changed privately, and the pool cannot be without water continuously. If the water is dirty, neighbors can complain to the city council and the owner will get a penalty ticket. Hearing this, my admiration turned into gladness that I do not need to take care of a swimming pool. With all the care, money and strength poured into the maintenance of this facility, it remains a pool of stagnant water, which is useless.

        Brothers and sisters, is that what our spiritual lives look like too – a pool of stagnant water? Do we long for renewal by the Holy Spirit so that our spiritual life is revived? We should not just focus on taking care of our spiritual lives without putting it to work.

        Then please boldly testify for Jesus and share the gospel with others! It is discussed in the Pauline epistles that the work of the Holy Spirit is apparent because a group of believers who had not been converted for a long time kept spreading the gospel even to faraway places. The Holy Spirit not only dwells in our hearts but also constitutes our conviction in salvation, “…because our gospel came to you not simply with words but also with power, with the Holy Spirit and deep conviction” (1 Thessalonians 1:5).

        Another most obvious work of the Holy Spirit is this: the exemplification of Christ. Brothers and sisters, very often, we refrain from preaching the gospel because when we see obstacles or expect great difficulties in doing so, we step back! We may even be saying repeatedly: I do not know how to share; I am not good at it; I am afraid I may say something wrong… And having decided beforehand that we will not succeed, we go for second best to get equipped time and again and get trained again, again and again.

        Having received a whole house of equipment and learned a whole range of skills, have you put them to use? Or it will be like my relative’s swimming pool, ending up as stagnant water, useless. The preaching of the gospel does not depend on the measure of abilities in you and me. It depends on the Holy Spirit and the conviction in the gospel as empowered by the Holy Spirit.

        Brothers and sisters, do you want to experience the power of the Holy Spirit? Take the risks and preach the gospel. Let your life become a fountain of living water!