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Be Courageous Men of the LORD

By Rev. Arnold Chow

June 16, 2024

       The “sky of men” is really hard-won.

       I once put the words “men’s ministry” into a search engine. Among the many articles that popped up were the three below. I wonder if you can see any similarities among them:

  1. “Pastoring the Hearts of Middle-aged Men in the Church” in Pastoral Letters in October 2005 by Christian & Missionary Alliance Church Union Hong Kong
  2. “The Perplexities, Crises and Opportunities of Middle-aged Men in Their Ministries” in an article collection in July 2007 by Chinese Coordination Centre of World Evangelization
  3. “How the Men-Women Imbalance Tells Us about Men Being Ignored” in a featured article in 2008 by Goodnews Communication International Ltd.

       All three of them were written by NPAC people, respectively, Rev. Samuel Tam (譚廣海牧師), Deacon P. S. Kung (龔柏成執事) and Rev. Isaac Man (萬得康牧師). These articles can be understood as the NPAC family’s concern for the lives of our brothers. The writers saw the need and passionately took their initiatives forward, with reflections on practical theology in some. Looking ahead from where we stand now, I have a question: Brothers of the NPAC family, what else do we need to learn?

       At this point, a book entitled Stepping Up: A Call to Courageous Manhood comes to my mind. The author quoted Ambrose Redmoon for a definition of “courage”: “Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important.”

       When would men need such “courage”? It is when we are faced with complicated, volatile and difficult situations. To me, this is something we need to learn.

       These situations may be personal: sin and gloom, marriage problems, career cliffs, family burdens, etc. What our men need is the “courage” not to allow things to go bad, “courage” to change. We do not need the “courage” label that Manchu soldiers wore on their chest. We do not need raw courage, nor foolhardiness. No!

       “Courage” really is thinking – careful assessment. “Courage” is also action – preserving what is really important. There is no doubt that in every era, there is bound to be hardship. In every era, there are people and things that need to be safeguarded. The family, the church, the community and the whole world – they all need men to live out their “courage”.

       It is especially so when many have not heard of the gospel. Who will preach the most precious gospel to them? When the family meets difficulties, who will stand firm by faith? When the church has no leaders, who will take up the responsibility and sail against the tide?

       I look forward to our brothers taking out “courage” with me, to think carefully and discern clearly, and to fight for God’s cause. I look forward to our persistence to advance God’s mandate of gospel truth and the life He has entrusted to us.

       Brothers, in the days to come, let us make our light shine brighter. Let us live out the characteristic that the LORD has created in men – “courage.” Let us be courageous men of the LORD!

       On the day when we come to the end of our lives, when we ask ourselves whether we have lived out courage in our lives, may we be able to proudly answer: “I have fought the good fight.” (2 Timothy 4:7).