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Taking Responsibility in Church Corporatization

By Rev. K.T. Pun

June 23, 2024

       The corporatization of NPAC has been underway for some time. The church has put in place the necessary administrative measures according to the corporatization process, such as setting up a General Meeting and adding some corresponding ministry posts for the development of corporatization. The Deacons Board was reorganized, as required by corporatization, to take up the legal responsibilities of “Company Directors” that used to be borne by the C&MA Church Union Hong Kong (“church union”) and to continue to handle the practical matters the previous Deacons Board used to do.

       As a religious cum charitable organization in society, corporatization is to enable the church to retain a sound management structure while meeting expectations for social bodies and organizations. As such, church corporatization does not mean a change in the spiritual nature of the church nor is it meant to advance a culture of entrepreneurial management. Our spiritual roots of fulfilling the mission of the church will continue to rest on our ecclesiology and servitude, which are also the benchmarks for our activities and administrative measures. These benchmarks are the basis on which we develop our ministries and administration in accordance with the missional direction of the church.

       That is why, in the process of corporatization, we have been emphasizing that the move will not affect brothers and sisters’ church life. Although brothers and sisters have to transfer membership in order to vote for deacons, it is nevertheless a one-off simple procedure. The day-to-day church life of brothers and sisters, including their participation in meetings, offerings and serving, have not changed.

       All along in the meetings of the designated committee, from the initial assessment of the pros and cons of corporatization to the gradual implementation of the necessary measures today, I can see God’s provision for the NPAC family in this regard. In the past, NPAC’s financial processes have already met audit requirements for corporatization and so our transition in this respect was very smooth. More importantly, the NPAC family in the new environment willingly takes on the corporate responsibilities that used to rest on the church union. Meanwhile, NPAC needs to create ministry posts (such as directors and registered members) due to corporatization. Many invited leaders also gladly accept such mission.

      In the old days, Moses needed 70 leaders to share his work. Today, the church union needs member churches to share the corporate responsibilities. In turn, every member church needs leaders to come forward to take up work associated with corporate laws. I firmly believe this is a God-pleasing process that will help the church become a beacon in the community and build a relationship of mutual trust and love with neighbors for the spread of the gospel far and wide.