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It’s All About the Good God!

By Rev. Stera Chan

June 30, 2024

       “I am not good enough!”, “I will never be good enough!” It is often what I hear from brothers and sisters, especially teenagers, who struggle about baptism.  

       We live in a culture increasingly driven by performance. We are constantly evaluated based on our achievements and accomplishments, so we eagerly seek approval from other people. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we should always ask ourselves: Whose expectations are we trying to live up to? Who defines what is good? Who has already accepted us for just as we are? No doubt that the answer to all these questions is God!

       Praise the LORD! After five years, the 19th Baptismal Service of the English Ministry (EM) is back in the Main Church, with six teenagers making public declaration of their faith in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Their stories, together with many other stories, have testified the importance of the modeling role of parents (including letting their children decide on their faith), the formal and informal mentoring of Christian adults (not necessarily Sunday School teachers and fellowship counselors), and their participation in a peer group (such as youth fellowship). I am particularly encouraged to see these six teenagers growing spiritually through going on short-term mission trips or doing outreach activities. When they focus not on themselves but other people, seek not what they want but the heart and will of God, they gain new perspectives. God has changed how these teenagers think about other people, themselves and, most importantly, God Himself! All these encounters with God have inspired them to look upon Him more, be more serious about the Christian faith, and even make the decision to receive baptism.

       Indeed, we should think less of ourselves and more of God. The more we become God-centered, the less we will be self-centered, and we will care much less what other people think of us.  There is no such thing as a “good Christian.” If we strive to be one, we are depending on our own efforts and abilities. We will easily fall into the trap of legalism as we try to earn God’s approval.

      Jesus says, “Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (Matthew 5:48). Brothers and sisters, God asks us to be perfect, and becoming perfect in love and obedience to Him is a process.  With the help of the Holy Spirit, our purpose is to bear spiritual fruit, reflect the character of God more and more, living a life that resembles the life of Christ Jesus.

      We are not and never will be good for we are still fallen human beings. But the good God can do wonders in our lives – transforming us from the inside out, making our lives beautiful – when we submit and surrender ourselves completely to Him. It is not about us, but God!